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    At IPS Group our vision is to foster a truly diverse, equitable and inclusive environment where every individual feels safe and confident to be the best, authentic version of themselves regardless of gender, disability, race, age, religion, culture, and sexual orientation.


    What our vision means for IPS Group’s internal recruitment:


    What our DEI vision means for how we work with clients
    Our clients are at different stages of their DEI journeys. Irrespective of whether they are industry leaders or early on in their journey we look to collaborate with them, support them and learn from them as much as we can. We apply the techniques we are using to improve our own diversity to source ever stronger and less homogenous candidate lists while taking the opportunity to learn from their best practice and so improve our own efforts.

    What our DEI vision means for candidates
    We want to be the recruiter of choice for every candidate in the insurance and finance sector. We are proactively looking to make our own team mix more diverse, training our staff, setting DEI targets for our candidate base and measuring our progress but we recognise there will always be more to do. We would welcome your feedback, both positive and negative to help us improve further.

    We recently achieved our Clear Assured bronze certification and are currently working our towards silver certification with a view to then starting gold.